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Rising Tide of Color Discounts Apply !
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Rising Tide of Color
I swiped this from Wikipedia: The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy is a book by Lothrop Stoddard published in 1920. The book focuses on the coming collapse of a white world empire and colonialism based on population growth among "colored peoples". While Stoddard clearly holds racist views in his work, and the introduction contains scientific racist theories, some of Stoddard's statements question the right of whites to invade other races. Stoddard outright criticizes the European powers for attempting to force their will on Asia. Modern interest in The Rising Tide of Color is often based on the accuracy of the predictions the book makes, not on the racist tones in which the predictions are made. Stoddard's predictions, coming immediately after World War I, include: an impending war between Japan and the United States; the unjust nature of the Treaty of Versailles leading to a second European war; the rise and power of Islamism in the Middle East; Asian immigration to Australia; and the decline of colonialism. This is a first edition. It includes a very rare dustjacket and library cover. Dust jacket is in very nice condition with a bit of wear along top and bottom edges and a piece missing from bottom front. There is also a small (1/2"x1/4") hole on back. Interior is clean and in excellent condition with minor yellowing. Please contact us for further details. 1920. You must choose insurance when purchasing this item.
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Price: $1,000.00

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