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Lionel Catalog 1973 Discounts Apply !
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Lionel Catalog 1973
The dog on the cover of this looks like he's just realized that he's not so much the favorite anymore. That kid has a train now and, even though his dad will only let him watch rather than drive as well, he's still liking it way more that picking up do crap. Also, it would be funny if grandpa just smacked dad in the head for no reason right about now. Anyway, this catalog is in great shape and shows very little wear. There is a stamp from the hardware store it was issued from though. Also someone apparently wrote on the back cover a bit with marker or something. The back cover is pretty much blank so no big whoop. I personally received the Santa Fe Freight for Christmas right around this time and it was pretty cool when my dad finally let me drive it. I can't remember if we had a dog around that time though.
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Price: $8.00

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