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Kellogg's Pep Paper Plane Discounts Apply !
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Kellogg's Pep Paper Plane
This is something else that would look cool framed. How could someone back in the 50's or whatever get this out of a cereal box and NOT build it? It must have been some guy who everyone called 'old man' someone or whatever. Like 'old man McTurdson' or 'old man McMeany'. He probably got it out of his Pep cereal box and took great joy in NOT giving it to the neighbor kid. And he probably kept it with him at all times to remind himself of how much he hated kids. What a dick. Then he probably got hit by a bus on Christmas or something and it fell out of his pocket and everyone took it as a sign that it was meant for some special kid in his life and, as a result, his obituary mentioned how much he loved kids. He got his! I don't know how we got it though. Item is 5"x7" intact. 1940 something.
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Price: $35.00

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