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Dog from The Mask Discounts Apply !
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Dog from The Mask
This is a figure from the the film 'The Mask' which I never saw because at the time I really hated Jim Carrey. I like him now though. Only because I saw 'Cable Guy' which is still his best film. I don't care what anyone says about it. And I only ever saw that because Ben Stiller directed it. Come to think of it Jim Carrey hasn't really done any other good movies besides 'Cable Guy' but I still haven't seen 'The Mask' yet so maybe it's good. Oh! Wait a minute... The one where he's the motorcycle cop with two personalities or whatever. That was pretty good. but nothing else. except maybe 'The Mask' which I probably won't ever see anyway unless I get too drunk to drive at a party and someone puts it in and there's nowhere else to go because there are people making out in all the bedrooms. Then maybe I'll watch it. I wonder if there are any 'Cable Guy' figures... Item is approximately 2" high but if you put it on its hind legs and balance the mask on his nose, he's 4". Great condition. Like new!
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Price: $8.00

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