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Bitter Cig Powder Discounts Apply !
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Bitter Cig Powder
Somehow, while I was checking this out, I got a tiny bit on my finger so I tasted it. It's awesome! It's not bitter at all! It must be that it's yucky when mixed with cigarettes, I thought. So, for the first time ever I tried a cigarette to see what it tasted like. Gross. I couldn't figure out why anyone would need the powder in the first place. Anyway, dipped the ciggy into the powder. It was fantastic! It was like that gum from Willy Wonka that tastes like a whole meal. The taste is exotic, rustic, sweet, salty, colorful, light and marshmellowy with just a touch of Chik-O-Stick. Fantastic! I'm up to a pack and a half a day. This particular pack is unopened (I buy it but the pound for my own personal use). I'm not sure how old it is or if the contents is as deliciously addictive as the fresh-ground stuff.
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Price: $5.00
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