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Archies Paper Dolls Discounts Apply !
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Archies Paper Dolls
I never thought I'd see Jughead in that state! Nevermind, all four figures have stands and are in great condition except for Veronica who has been taped up at the knees. She need a bit of help standing as she is but a well place popsicle stick on the back of her figure will fix that right up. This set is almost complete with 25 of 30 wardrobe pieces. Most pieces are in great shape with a few minor tears here and there and a few missing tabs. Who really cares about the clothing anyway. We all know you're going to pitch all of that and Jughead and Archie and just display Betty and Veronica almost naked, right? Box is in good condition with a bit of dishing on top and some minor wear mostly along edges. Whitman, 1969.
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Price: $15.00

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